Condition Unknown: Bob Davie holds presser, but still won’t say what sent him to hospital


By Mark Smith

Enchantment Sports

Editor in Chief

On Tuesday, University of New Mexico football coach Bob Davie held his first news conference since being hospitalized nearly two weeks ago after the Lobos’ season-opening win against Sam Houston State.

Davie spoke about UNM’s upcoming game at Notre Dame — which he will not be attending — and how thankful he was to so many, who he said “saved my life.”

From what, exactly, is still not known.

Davie never said why he was hospitalized, but said he was planning to coach the rest of the season.

But not on Saturday at the school he was fired from nearly two decades ago.

Davie told the media, “I’m not going to get into a whole lot of details, and I’m sure you’ll appreciate that. It was a serious medical situation. The problem has been alleviated.”

Davie said that he’s expected to have a “full recovery and there is no permanent damage.”

He said, “it was an immediate situation. It was very serious.  … I’ve never had high blood pressure. I’ve never had high cholesterol, I’ve never taken as much as an aspirin (inaudible). This came out of nowhere, but that’s not uncommon.”High Noon

What it was that came, however, he would not say.

Enchantment Sports was the only media outlet to ask Davie what the medial condition was, but he declined to answer.

Enchantment Sports: “Bob, just to be clear, it was something with the heart, then? Did they tell you exactly what?

 “I think I’m going to stick with just what I said, Mark,” Davie said politely and respectfully. “I’m sure you’d appreciate that.”

The 64-year-old Davie was taken by ambulance to UNM Hospital shortly after the Sam Houston game.

UNM still has not provided any information about what happened that night, whether surgery was required, when Davie was released from the hospital or any details, whatsoever.

Last week, Enchantment Sports sent New Mexico athletics and athletic director Eddie Nuñez questions about such details, but they have gone unanswered.

Last week, the only statement UNM athletics provided our website was:

“As for the other questions regarding Coach Davie’s medical health, I think he can best answer those when he meets with the media, which will be at Tuesday’s press conference.”

Tuesday has come and gone, and the mystery — and secrecy — continues.

Nuñez did not attend Tuesday’s news conference.

See the UNM sports information take about the news conference here

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