By George: I think Lobo football team will be bowl eligible — but just barely — to keep Bob Davie in place

By George Scott

For Enchantment Sports Fan-Demonium 

After surviving yet another scorching Albuquerque summer, the hottest July on record, we can finally turn our attention to our collective favorite time of the year when the mornings are cooler, the days are shorter and the air contains the unmistakable aroma of hot, fresh, roasted ….. Lobo football.

This time of the year, anything is possible. The sky’s the limit. All teams start 0-0, so in theory, we have a shot at the conference title, right?

Why not us? Why not dream big and swing for the fences?

After back-to-back 3-9 seasons, a winning season is a must to get our bandwagon fans back in Dreamstyle Stadium and for coach Bob Davie to keep his job.

While I don’t think we will have a winning season, I do think we will go 6-6, proving our program is headed in the right direction, which should buy coach Davie another year on the Lobo sidelines, and the opportunity to enjoy, off the field, hot,
fresh, roasted …… NM green chile.

George Scott is a former Lobo basketball star and guest contributor for Enchantment Sports. If you have any information for George, please email

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