Fan-demonium in Pit West: Comeback gives Lobo men a chance to avenge the ‘blown call’ against Utah State

Photo: Vance Jackson fires a jumper during his incredible performance on Wednesday in the Lobos’ Mountain West tournament win against Wyoming. (Courtesy/

By Rudy Chavez

For Enchantment Sports Fan-demonium

The look on the faces of Lobo Nation at halftime of the quarterfinals of the MWC basketball tournament said all that needed to be said. Bitter disappointment and lamenting what could have been dominated the conversation.

After all, UNM had legions of Lobo fans behind them but was playing listlessly and unfocused. That all changed in a Las Vegas minute and the Lobos turned around a 38-27 halftime deficit into a pulsating 78-68 victory.

It was improbable and unbelievable how Vance “Action” Jackson turned the fortunes of the team around virtually by himself. Other Lobos got into the mix and Lobo Nation turned the Thomas and Mack into a frenzied PIT WEST.

The officials had the Lobo fans almost frothing at the mouth at a series of bizarre calls on Lobo big Carlton Bragg,  but then the Lobo defense shut down Wyoming’s Justin James and raced to 51 points in the second half. Thursday, March 14, the Lobos can exorcise the demon that was a win turned into a loss by a referee’s blown call.

At 6 p.m., it’s show time at PIT WEST! Lobo Nation loves Las Vegas and knows how to party and cheer with the best fan bases in college basketball. Utah State will feel Lobo Nation at full throat.

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