Fan-demonium: What did you think about Lobo men’s loss to Fresno State?

By Mark Smith

Enchantment Sports

Editor in Chief

Enchantment Sports wants to add more views from the fans — real fans, not folks using monikers like SWA-MC2, Eastside Ernie, Patriot Pete or Big Bob from Belen.  After Fresno State’s 81-73 men’s basketball victory against New Mexico on Saturday in the Pit, I asked a handful of fans what they thought of the game.

Chris Davis

CHRIS DAVIS: “(Fresno State’s) Nate Grimes kept looking at us and grabbing his junk. He was on the bench, right next to us. We sit right here in the front row by Snake.”

MS: That’s probably why.

“(Chuckle) Maybe. But during one timeout, Grimes came right over to us and grabbed his junk. It was lewd. I hope the Mountain West does something about it.”

Mike Davis

MIKE DAVIS: “I thought we lost it from the free throw line. We had so many free throws, but we missed a lot in the last five or six minutes. That cost us the game.”

CHRIS DAVIS (Part 2): “It’s been a very disappointing season. I know that (coach Paul Weir’s) got a bunch of new guys, almost all new, and they’re trying to mesh. But the thing is, as a die-hard fan, we’re in the middle of February. They’re not meshing. Something seems wrong.

“You beat Nevada here by 27 points and then you’re laying eggs against teams you should beat with the talent you have? Something’s wrong. This has been the worst four-year stretch for the Lobos in my lifetime.”

MS: Can they make a Mountain West tournament run?

“I’m not sure about that. What do you think? I agree with you and the things you say on the radio. I listen to you all the time. I read you in the Journal for a lot of years.”

Thanks. I really appreciate it. Tune in, and I’ll give my views.

Tony Pisto

TONY PISTO: “Great basketball game; one of the best basketball games I’ve seen in the Pit in years. Lobos are really coming together as a team. Coach Weir has really worked well with these kids. He should be proud.”

MS: And Vegas for the tournament? Can they make a run?

“You never know. You never know”



Mark Tichenor — aka; Snake

(Before the game) MS: Snake, after the game, can I get a take from you about how the game went?

Of course, but I can tell you my take right now. It’s not going to change before, during or after the game — we’re going to pound Fresno State.

(I couldn’t find Snake after the game. He blends too much into the crowd).


Hayden Armstrong

HAYDEN ARMSTRONG: “Same old Lobos.”

MS: Anything to add?





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