Website files third public records lawsuit against UNM, this time the Lobo Club

Enchantment Sports reports

Journalist Daniel Libit, an Albuquerque Academy graduate who now lives in Chicago, continues his quest for transparency from the University of New Mexico athletic department. On Friday, Libit posted a story on his website about his third public records lawsuit against a component unit or direct-support organization of UNM.

Below is a link to Libit’s website. WARNING: Be advised there are a few curse words in the account that may be offensive to some.

Yep, We’re Now Suing the Lobo Club

Click here for information about the Lobo Club.



  1. Hey leave the good ole boys club alone, money talks win or lose in the world of business. Pareja and Krebs are monetary saints.

  2. Hey Professor of Football attendance you did not say how many in attendance respected the down and dirty gritty play of the performers.

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