Steve Alford lost his golden shine at UCLA

By George Scott

For Enchantment Sports


George Scott

While watching ESPN’s SportsCenter at 8 a.m. on New Year’s Eve to get the lowdown on the upcoming college football and NFL games, I got the breaking news alert that rocked the Albuquerque and college basketball sports worlds: “Steve Alford out at UCLA.” Wow. Bombshell. I quickly texted friends to see if they had heard. Most had not, but the word quickly spread like wildfire. After reflecting on it for a few days, I am still shocked that UCLA fired the former Golden Boy of Albuquerque. I honestly thought he would succeed there and would parlay that job to eventually becoming a head coach in the NBA, the show, where he would surely succeed. Why wouldn’t he? He has the pedigree, the connections, and the look. Or so I thought. Alford apparently didn’t like being a big fish in a small Albuquerque pond and jumped at the opportunity to coach UCLA, one of the Blue Bloods of college basketball. I guess our former Golden Boy wasn’t so golden in Tinseltown. Looking back, maybe the Lobo Basketball gig, in the Albuquerque fish bowl, wasn’t such a bad job after all. Be careful what you wish for, huh? 

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