AG seizes Krebs’ credit card; former AD’s attorney says there was no wrongdoing


By Mark Smith

Enchantment Sports Editor in Chief

A search warrant was issued, and credit card information has been seized from former University of New Mexico athletic director Paul Krebs. But the attorney for Krebs denies allegations of money laundering and embezzling.

The warrant was signed by a judge on Sept. 24, and was filed with the district court on Tuesday (Oct. 16). Attorney General Hector Balderas’ office is looking into possible fraud and embezzlement and money laundering.

But Krebs responded to a text from Enchantment Sports on Tuesday night with a statement from his attorney, Gene Gallegos. It read:

“The Attorney General’s Office has never contacted us.  If they had we would have gladly turned over credit card receipts confirming Paul did make the $25,000 donation to the University.  No issues of wrong doing by Paul were mentioned in the State Audit conducted on the Scotland Fundraising trip.”

Paul Krebs
Former UNM athletic director Paul Krebs’ credit card information has been seized by the New Mexico attorney general. (Photo courtesy

Enchantment Sports received a copy of the warrant: Paul Krebs Search warrant

Krebs did not immediately return a text message from Enchantment Sports, seeking  comment earlier Tuesday evening.

In May, Larry Barker of KRQE news broke a story questioning possible mismanagement by Krebs for a golf trip to Scotland in the summer of 2015.

UNM later had an internal audit of the school’s athletic department. In June, Krebs retired amid the allegations.

The search of Krebs’ property returned JP Morgan Chase credit card records from May 1, 2017, through July 1, 2017.

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