Enchantment Sports Boxing: We’re at the huge Canelo vs. GGG rematch in Vegas

(NOTE: Canelo Alvarez took a wild and close decision in Saturday night’s rematch. Two scorecards had it 115-113 for Alvarez , and the other 114-114. Visit Enchantment Sports on Sunday to get Andy Rivera’s story from Las Vegas.)

By Andrew Rivera
For Enchantment Sports

LAS VEGAS – Hello boxing world!
It’s me – Albuquerque’s Andy Rivera.
I’m right here – will you be be?
At least in spirit, and watching on the screen?
My guess, is yes.
The hard-core boxing fan should be in love with this one.

For GGG and Canelo, this could be a cross-roads fight.

Andrew Rivera

The result of the first fight was a controversial draw.


Most believe GGG won the first encounter, me included

The fight may be a crossroads for both fighters at this point in their careers. The rematch was to have already taken place May 5th. But Canelo failed two drug tests in February for clenbuterol. forcing the suspension and postponement for the rematch to take place.
Let’s look at the scenarios for each fighter if they are victorious or is they lose.

GGG (38-0-1)

As mentioned, most felt GGG won the first fight, he was ready and willing to go to war and show that he should have received the decision and victory the first time around. He did end up fighting Cinco de Mayo as scheduled against lesser foe Vanes Martirosyan, destroying him in 2 rounds. Yes, he was expected to win but he wanted to stay busy having put in his time in training.

In the past,it was hard to get opponents to fight GGG due to him wreaking havoc, destroying everyone in sight. Yet, after his unanimous decision over Daniel Jacobs followed by Canelo 1, all the middleweights from alphabet titlist Jarmall Charlo, Bobby Jo Saunders calling out GGG to Jacobs again wanting a rematch. It seems now GGG has more opportunities later on in his career as in previous years.

Some believe age and battle have slowed GGG down, I myself think maybe age, not battles, have slowed GGG a little but not much. Maybe it was the fact that Jacobs and Canelo are better than all the rest of GGG’s opponents prior, and that must be given credit the Jacobs and Canelo.

If GGG wins the rematch with Canelo it will keep him in line to battle Charlo or Saunders for money fights. If he loses it may entice other top middleweights to want to fight him, thinking he is vulnerable. Losing to Canelo may also cost him a third match with Canelo, like the first fight the contract stated if Canelo lost he can exercise a rematch clause, of course there wasn’t one for GGG if he lost when they met.

The pressure for Golovkin to win doesn’t seem to be as much for him as in the first fight, Canelo has more to prove this time around. Win or lose GGG will have fights, but bigger paydays will be the question if he loses.

IMG_2458 (1)
Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin, left, and Canelo Alvarez mix it up again on Saturday after their controversial bout a year ago. (Courtesy/Andy Rivera)

CANELO (49-1-2)

Golden Boys cash cow Canelo will have all the pressure to win the fight, even if he does come out victorious some may say it doesn’t matter he takes steroids/PED’s to win. Some will say if he loses, see he couldn’t win now that he is clean. Canelo has a lot to do to clean up his image.

Canelo, as we know, says it was tainted meat and thus the reason for his twice failed tests, we can give him the benefit of the doubt.

But let’s face it, when looking at Canelo in training videos, he does not look as thick as the first fight. It could be different training methods to work on speed and quickness in order to box as he did in the first fight giving him the sleeker look.

Losing to GGG in the rematch may also send Canelo’s career in a different path as well, sure he will have plenty of fights to choose from him being one of boxing’s stars but how much of his popularity will follow him. Canelo has lost a lot of respect when it comes to fan base.

Social media seems to show a lot of diminished popularity, each day Canelo. Golden Boy will post videos or pictures of Canelo training, and 70 percent of the comments are about “cheating or clenbuterol.” Example, on the day Canelo posted “No sacrifice, No Glory,” led to a comment of “No Clen, No win.”

The drug comments will likely follow him the remainder of his career.
Even by winning 2018’s biggest fight, Canelo will still have his doubters. With a win, would he still get more big money fights with other top middleweights?
Once Charlo gets a little bit more popular to the common fan, I’m sure he will get a fight with Canelo or GGG.

Golden Boy will make once the negotiations are agreed upon with Al Hayman’s group. Or maybe Jacobs will be a fight Canelo will want to take. Either way it all depends on what happens September 15th in Las Vegas.

GGG has always said he wants a “Mexican Style” fight, meaning he wants a war from opening bell.

Canelo says he fights a more tactical fight and that GGG’s people don’t know that it’s called boxing.

This time around Canelo has stated he will knock out GGG. If that is the case we may see what the fans expected the first fight, a battle.

Hopefully the boxing gods will give the fans justice and maybe, just maybe, the correct winner will get the victory with no controversy, just by winning a great fight.

Andrew Rivera  is a contributor for Enchantment Sports. He is a former state Golden Gloves champion who has covered some of the biggest fights in the state and the world for decades. Email enchantmentsportsNM@gmail.com to provide tip or story ideas for Andrew.


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