Kirk responds to Enchantment Sports’ column about his ‘Kappy’ tweet

By Mark Smith

Enchantment Sports

Editor in Chief

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating. Probably many times.

You must verify your comments to Enchantment Sports or we will not publish them. We are not a message board. We are not sports speech therapists. We are not TV bloggers who will do anything for an inside story.

We have journalists on our site, and we have fans. But all must put their names on anything written, and that goes for readers.

This is to weed out the garbage, clear the gutters and clean up websites.

It also is to protect everyone. If someone tries to falsely use your name for a post, we will do all we can to prevent it from posting.

All that being repeated, former Los Alamos and New Mexico basketball player Alex Kirk — currently playing pro ball in Japan — apparently took offense to my Tuesday column in which I referred to his tweet about the controversial Colin Kaepernick/Nike ad campaign.

Read column here.

We received a comment about my column from the email “dontcare@xxxx.” We will not post a comment without verification, and I replied such to the emailer. The emailer sent a copy of a tweet off Kirk’s Twitter account, @Kingkirk53, in which he apparently took offense to my column.

Whether “dontcare@xxxx” was Alex Kirk is not at issue with the comment. The tweet is public, and Enchantment Sports wants to give Kirk a chance to express his views.

Read Kirk’s Twitter response to the column here.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 8.34.35 PM

In full disclosure, shortly after the column posted, I changed the wording of my column about’s Kirk’s association with Nike.  Instead of writing “is endorsed,” I changed it to “was endorsed,” adding that that was a published report from the Los Alamos Daily Post (you’re welcome for the publicity, Post).

The Daily Post story was about Kirk donating 20 pairs of Nike shoes to teen centers in northern New Mexico in 2015. Kirk is also pictured in Nike gear numerous times on the Internet. As recently as 2017, he played for the Nike-sponsored Guangzhou Long-Lions of the Chinese Basketball Association before being released in November.

See link to Los Alamos Daily Post here.

Lost in the shoe company discussion and Kappy ad was the heart of the column, in which I responded to the following Kirk tweet last week.

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 8.17.25 PM

I questioned whether Kirk would also tweet to Antifa, and request that instead of the protest group burning American flags, they donate them to the Salvation Army.

On Tuesday, Enchantment Sports received a second comment from”dontcare@xxxx.” Again, we responded to the emailer that we would not run the second comment, which also claimed to be Kirk, without verification.

If the emailer is verified, we will gladly post the comment.

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