NFL Fan-demonium: Did Kaepernick’s “everything” include life, limb or cash?

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Hey Nike – you overdid it. Now it’s time to burn, baby!

Fan-Demonium jpeg fandemoniumI’m sure that I’m not the first one with this point, but JUST DON’T DO IT!
Unless you mean burning Nike gear. THEN DEFINITELY DO IT!

Colon Cancer Krap-in-neck gave up “everything” to sacrifice?”


kaepernickOh, did he give up his $130 million dollars?

Did he lose a limb by sacrificing for country?

Is he homeless and doing the Nike ad for free? You’re a gutless, overpaid prima donna, Colon.

My grandfather died for your worthless mouth to be free to yak.

I will never buy a never buy a piece of Nike equipment or gear again. It’s all garbage, like you Colon.

Mike Stewart,


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