NFL FAN-DEMONIUM: For the first time in more than 3 decades, it’s great to be KC! And Kaepernick/Nike deal — don’t do it!

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Mike Trujillo

For Enchantment Sports

CHIEFS KINGDOM Rejoice! React; All Hail! You’ve got your man – alas you’ve got your Field General!

Fan-Demonium jpeg fandemoniumAfter waiting since 1983, you have finally been served the great promise of the future at the QB position in Pat Mahomes — via the draft, as the 10th overall pick out of Texas Tech. Since picking Todd Blackledge, a bum and a bust at said position in 1983, the Chiefs have typically gone the defensive route or O-linemen in many first rounds. Finally, the future looks bright, with Mahomes. Several have said he is the second coming of Brett Favre; a physical, athletic, brash specimen with a rocket of an arm, and great confidence to help shake Arrowhead to its core.

Am I excited? Yes – concerned a little. Mahomes comes to the Chiefs with arguably one of the most talented and dangerous offenses. They’ve got one of leagues best TE’s in Travis Kelce, two efficient wide outs in Chris Conley and newly acquired Sammy Watkins providing he stay healthy, an all around threat at receiver, back and special teams in speedster Tyreek Hill, and a solid exciting running back in Kareem Hunt. While youth and carelessness may stand in Mahomes way, or if the Fatman Andy Reid decides to make too many conservative play calls with pictures of pie and hamburgers on his sheet, this team and Mahomes should flourish. The worst I see this team going is 9-7 with at the very least a Wildcard spot in the playoffs.

The AFC West is relatively open, with an overpaid and overrated Chucky back in reign for the Raiders, his team is sparse in the defensive area.

And he is myopic bringing back his antiquated style of coaching. He should have stayed where he was, annoying everybody in the booth on MNF.

As for the Broncos, Mr. Clippity Clop thinks too highly of himself as GM, doesn’t have an eye for QB talent, and his decisions on coaching are have much to be desired in Vance Joseph.

The Broncos defense is still formidable, but they can’t do it all the way, the way they did that magical year with Manning when he was stinking up the field. Lastly the LA Chargers might be a factor but with an aging Phillip Rivers who statistically always looks good, but bad luck, injuries and late season melt downs, we’ll probably see the same old, same old with the Bolts.

All I have to say, finally, is thank God football is back, the weather gets more tolerable and Green Chile and the State Fair return – and the AFC West is still the best, lookout for the reign of terror coming to you in Red and Yellow!

Forever the Hopeful Chiefs fan,

Mike Trujillo, Albuquerque

Mike TrujilloMike Trujillo is co-host of The Sports Bar on KNML The Sports Animal (610 AM/95.9 FM).

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