Are you ready for some Fan-demonium — NFL, style? Then bring it, baby!

By Mark “Ticky” Smith
Enchanted Sports Editor in Chief

The National Football League regular season gets going this week, and it is coming to Enchantment Sports.

Sort of. And no, we aren’t getting a team in Albuquerque.

But let’s be real, folks. There is no other sport – save Weir’s Wolves’ Lobo basketball program – that gets as much love from New Mexico’s Enchanting fans as the NFL.

So how about we hear about it?
A new category under Fan-demonium: NFL Great Takes!

You want to give props to your favorite NFL franchise? I want to hear it.

You want to predict parts of the season, gripe about a call, give fantasy advice, talk point spreads or simply talk smack about the Redskins, Giants, Cowboys, Packers or any other team?

By all means, bring it!

Send your thoughts to … BUT as with every fan post, you MUST send your name, email and phone number so that we can confirm it is you. None of your information will be given out, but you must use a real name.

We are not sports speech therapists.

I will edit content, so no fake news names, no mindless stupidity (I always thought that redundant, but couldn’t help using it) and NO personal attacks.

If you want to engage in a little NFL-based smack-talk, I’m all for it. But all takes must be clean and have to pertain to the National Football League. Make your takes as long or short as you want.

Are you really ready?

Then bring it!



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