Up-and-coming author, 8, shares insight on race relations in creative book

By Robyn Vines Smith

Enchantment Sports

One of our goals here at Enchantment Sports is to be community-focused. Today,  we share the work of a budding young author with a touching tale to share about how we all matter, no matter our color.

Jenz Peralta is a third-grader at Griegos Elementary School. He wrote the story; Dad and Mom helped with the illustrations. Mom says he is full of ideas and is already starting on his next book.

Jenz loves to watch and play a variety of sports, including basketball, baseball and football. His favorite teams are the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Rams.

Enchantment Sports editor in chief Mark Smith says, “I’m ready to hire him now! I can let him and Brock (Smith’s son) run the show.”

Read on for a very sweet story.

Jenz Peralta book
“All Colors Matter” by Jenz Peralta.
Jenz book 2
“It is the first day of school, all the crayons are excited!”
Jenz book 3
“Ms. White tells all the crayons, “Partner up we are doing our first class project. The project is a painting for the school.”
Jenz book 4
“Yellow partnered up with Blue and together they made Green.”
Jenz book 5
“Red partnered up with Blue and together they made Purple.”
Jenz book 6
“Red partnerd (sic) up with yellow and together they made orange.”
Jenz book 7
“Black stood alone … SAD. All the other crayons were laughing because they thought Black couldn’t partner up with any crayon to make a color.”
Jenz book 8
“Ms. White tells the crayons ‘silly little colors, don’t you know Black is one of the most imporntant (sic) colors? If Black and I partner up we make the shade gray. Without the shade gray our class painting will have no detail in it.'”
Jenz book 9
“all the crayons shouted out HURAY (sic) Black! We were wrong. All colors MATTER!”

Jenz appears to be an insightful little boy. Enchantment Sports’ recent story on J.R. Giddens delves into race and sports. Check out that story here. We think people can learn a lot from Jenz.

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  1. Great job jenz .I like your story. Can’t wait for the next one .keep reaching for your goal you can do it . Love you 😘🌟🌟🌟

  2. Congratulations on your fabulous story Jenz! What an achievement!!! Your imagination is phenomenal!!!

  3. So proud of you baby brother. You are gonna go places and do great things! Know we will always support you in all that you do -love sissy

  4. What an amazing story! We need more people like you in this world, Jenz! I pray everyone has a chance to read and be inspired by your story! Keep up the great work and the awesome attitude!

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